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“Certified Clean” Tanks for Hydrotesting – May 4, 2017

Pipeline installation requires testing of new welded segments to ensure there are no leaks and that the pipe will hold specific pressures. One of our customers, a major Pipeline Installation Contractor, required 160,000 gallons of clean water at the worksite to push a “pig” down the newly fabricated pipeline and pressure-test the new segments. The […]

Operate Your Tank Like a Pro (vol. 1) – March 10, 2016

When examining the dynamics of a job in which a frac tank or multiple frac tanks are used, several key factors should be considered to ensure safe and efficient operation of these tanks. Here are a few operational tips to consider: Over-pressurizing when filling Frac tanks may be equipped with a pressure relief valve; but […]

E-Tank Announces TWO Innovative New Products – December 17, 2015

18,400-Gallon Certified Clean Double-Wall Mobile Storage Tank E-Tank now offers the only Certified Clean Double-Wall Mobile Storage Tank available in the rental industry. The tank features a full 22″ side-entry ground level manway for access to the interior, enabling the tank to be properly cleaned between projects. For storage of environmentally sensitive liquids or compliance […]

Tank Safety – September 9, 2015

Avoiding accidents and injury when working around frac tanks requires training; all personnel should be aware of potential safety issues. Here is a list to consider when conducting safety training: Assure that fasteners on all manways are secure and that all valves are closed before filling. Place locks on the butterfly valves if site security […]

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