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Vacuum Dewatering Box – June 15, 2017

Dewatering with gravity can be a slow process. Using gravity alone, sludge dewaters at its own pace. E-Tank has a solution to improve your project timeline. We can install a dewatering cage inside a vacuum box. Then, a mesh liner can be added to achieve the results your project demands. This customization creates a Vacuum […]

E-Tank’s Solution to Your Chemical Problem – May 25, 2017

Common industrial chemicals such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, and sodium hypochlorite create challenges for project managers and operators in many industries. Caustics and acids require not only safe and appropriate storage, but also a solution for transferring them, for tank maintenance, short term storage or neutralization. E-Tank offers new and innovative rental products to […]

Roll-Off Boxes, Vacuum, Sludge & Dewatering Safety Tips – October 9, 2015

Avoiding accidents and injury when working with roll-off boxes requires training; all personnel should be aware of potential safety issues. Here is a list to consider when conducting safety training. When loading a box onto a roll-off trailer, the operator must pay close attention to assure the container is aligned with the rails. Drivers must […]

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