• Sealed lids control spills during loading and unloading
  • Safety latch for anchoring gate during unloading
  • Rolling lids with extruded rubber seal gaskets for emissions control
  • Side hinged tailgates feature extruded rubber seal gaskets with metal retainers
  • Heavy duty steel construction for reliability in industrial applications
  • Inside hooks for removable liner
  • Additional roll-off box safety tips


  • Control fugitive emissions
  • Safely store solids or sludges for disposal at your convenience
  • Transport on standard roll-off truck or trailer
  • Use multiple containers to accommodate onsite storage requirements of any size project

Top Opening Style Options

  • Two 68” x 90” lids with chain binders
  • One 15’8” x 8′ lid with ratchet binders

Also known as 25-Yard Roll-Off Vapor-Tight Sludge Box, Hard Top Sludge Box, Hard Top Roll Off Box, or Watertight Hard Top Box.

  • 25-Yard Vapor-Tight Roll-Off Sludge Box 2 Lid

    Two Lid Option

  • 25-Yard Vapor-Tight Roll-Off Sludge Box 2 Lid - Open
  • 25-Yard Vapor-Tight Roll-Off Sludge Box 1 Lid

    One Lid Option

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Construction1/4in. heavy duty floors, 7 gauge sides, A36 Carbon Steel0.635 cm heavy duty floors, 7 gauge sides, A36 Carbon Steel
Dimensions22 ft. long x 94 in. wide x 76 in. high6.71 m long x 2.39 m wide x 1.93 m high
Weight8,200 lb.3719.46 kg
Capacity25 cubic yards19.11 cubic meters
AccessoriesInterior Liners, Liner InstallationInterior Liners, Liner Installation

Specifications are approximate and may vary. Ask your sales representative for specific dimensions for the unit we supply to you.

Why E-Tank?

Whether a sludge box is actually vapor and water tight depends upon the condition of the lid and gasket as well as proper alignment of the gate. E-Tank performs the complete maintenance process each time a roll-off box is returned after a rental.

Learn about our Complete Maintenance Process

Safe and Efficient Box Delivery

E-Tank's company trained drivers will safely deliver boxes to your designated area on time, every time. Ask your sales representative about our service performance.


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