The Economical Way to Separate Liquids from Solids Using a Hard Top Dewatering Box


  • Dewatering screens cover the entire interior of the box including bottom, sides, back and gate, maximizing the drainage surface area
  • 25-yard container is roll-off compatible, ideal for transportation
  • Inside filter hooks for use with available filter media
  • 2-4” drainage ports, one on each side to maximize operational flexibility
  • Water-tight gate with extruded rubber door seal gasket, seals with four independent ratchet binders with chains
  • Rolling lids with extruded rubber seal gaskets for emissions control (typically available)
  • Side swing door for easy unloading of sludge
  • Additional roll-off box safety tips


  • Dewater sludges, clarifier bottom, fly ash, grit & screening, etc.
  • Comply with regulations for landfill disposal
  • Recover product or clarify the aqueous phase
  • Container can be used to transport material for disposal
  • Control fugitive emissions

Also known as a 25-Yard Roll-Off Vapor-Tight Dewatering Box, Hard Top Filtration Box, Steel Top Dewatering Box, or Hard Top Dewatering Box.

  • Vapor Tight Dewatering Box
  • Vapor Tight Dewatering Box - Open
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Construction1/4in. heavy duty floors, 7 gauge sides, A36 Carbon Steel0.64 cm heavy duty floors, 7 gauge sides, A36 Carbon Steel
Dimensions22 ft. long x 94 in. wide x 76 in. high6.71 m long x 2.39 m wide x 1.93 m high
Weight8,500 lb.3855.54 kg
Capacity25 cubic yards19.11 cubic meters
AccessoriesFilter Sample Kit, Filters (130 micron, 250 micron, and 400 micron), Filter InstallationFilter Sample Kit, Filters (130 micron, 250 micron, and 400 micron), Filter Installation

Specifications are approximate and may vary. Ask your sales representative for specific dimensions for the unit we supply to you.

Why E-Tank?

Whether a dewatering box performs properly depends on the drainage surface area of the box and the filter media you choose. E-Tank’s dewatering boxes feature screens covering the entire interior of the box, maximizing the drainage surface area. E-Tank performs the complete maintenance process each time a dewatering box is returned after a rental.

Learn about our Complete Maintenance Process

Find the Right Filter

E-Tank can provide samples of filter media of various gauges to enable you to find the right filter for the best dewatering results. Ask your sales representative about availability.

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